Culturing Freshwater Amphipods for Live Food

Many fishkeepers swear by feeding their pets live foods. Some popular ones you’ve probably heard of are baby brine shrimp, microworms, black worms, vinegar eels, etc… One you may not have heard of (other than complaints of infestation) is the lowly amphipod or “scud” as they are sometimes called. Saltwater enthusiasts have been using amphipods as fish food for some time now, but there are freshwater species that we can take advantage of for our pets. If you aren’t familiar with freshwater amphipods, check out my Amphipod Species Profile.

It is fairly easy to start and maintain a colony of amphipods for use as live food. I keep them in my aquariums as a sort of naturally occurring snack, but you can keep them in their own container to harvest as needed.

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6 Aquarium Tips for Beginners

Alrighty, let’s grab a mixed bag of Angelfish, Bettas, Guppies, and an Oscar from PetMartCo┬« and slap those puppies in a 3 gallon Tetra Kit tank. I mean, that’s what the picture shows on the box, right? WOAH! Slow down, Hoss. Let’s rewind a bit and go about this a different way.

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