Common Aquarium Fish Illnesses and Symptoms

Common Illnesses in Freshwater Fish

There are numerous ailments that can afflict our beloved aquatic pets. Without the benefit of veterinary equipment or training, it can be difficult to identify a specific illness seen in fish. We hobbyists need to rely on visual signs and our trusty water test kits to diagnose problems. In most cases, illness in fish can be traced back to stress from shipping, stocking, and insufficient water conditions.

Cory from Aquarium Co-Op recommends that every new fish should be quarantined and treated with three medications: General Cure, Ich-X, and Erythromycin. This buckshot method should cover you for almost any illness you are likely to encounter, caused by some pathogen or parasite. Of course this does not guarantee 100% survival of all new fish. Sometimes the trip from supplier to the store and eventually to your home aquarium is too stressful for some fish. But it does give you a big advantage for success.

Whenever using medication in your aquarium or quarantine tank, you should remove any carbon-based filtration. This type of filtration will actually remove the medication from the water, making it much less effective. After the treatment period is over, you can resume use of the carbon filtration.

Below is a quick list of some common freshwater ailments that you may encounter in your career as an aquarium hobbyist. I have arranged them in alphabetical order by common name. Continue reading “Common Aquarium Fish Illnesses and Symptoms”