5 Signs of Trouble in Your Aquarium

5 Signs of Trouble in Aquarium

Okay, so ideally you should have an array of equipment, charts, and potions that allow you to assess the health of your aquarium. Things like water test kits, thermometers, and a regular maintenance schedule are critical to keeping your aquatic pets happy and healthy. But sometimes one or more of these tools aren’t available, or you might be new to the hobby, and just don’t know what’s going on half the time. If you are new to the hobby, you should consider reading my articles on water parameters, aquarium filtration, the nitrogen cycle, and tips for beginners.

Okay, you’ve read the articles, and would now like to get on with it! So what are some signs to look for that indicate things might be going wrong? Below is a list of five things to look out for: Continue reading “5 Signs of Trouble in Your Aquarium”