Back from Brief Hiatus

Hey folks, you may have noticed that I’ve been away from the blog and my Instagram feed for a couple months now. I was feeling a bit burnt out, so one day I didn’t post. Then I didn’t post the next day. And so on. Next thing I know, it’s been two months, yikes! Anyway, I apologize for my absence, and I will strive to continue posting regularly.

Cute li’l Benny, or as he is sometimes known: Benny the Terrible.

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Algae in the Aquarium

Algae is one of those things that every aquarium keeper encounters sooner or later.┬áMost folks don’t like algae in their tanks, and that’s understandable. It covers the glass, fogs the water, smothers plants, and other terrible things. My own view is that algae can be just as beneficial and attractive as plants in an aquarium, if it is kept under control. Dealing with an algal bloom can be frustrating, even for experienced aquarists.

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The Natural Aquarium: Looking To Native River Systems for Inspiration

Bamboo Shrimp

I recently viewed a short film produced by National Geographic, which shows freshwater shrimp living in tropical streams. These streams in Puerto Rico have developed diverse populations of crustaceans in relatively small pools of water. These shrimp constantly feed on organic debris that collects in the pools, keeping them clean and clear. This results in bodies of water that are appealing to both animals and humans alike.

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