Top 10 Beginner Aquarium Plants

Many aquarium hobbyists start out with something like the Tetra 3 Gallon Aquarium Kit (which I own and love) and a couple plastic plants, and things are going great! Maybe they add a few fancy guppies, and now there are fry all over the place! Awesome! Now they are thinking, “Maybe I’ll get some LIVE plants to really jazz this puppy up.” Then they drive over to PetSmartCo┬« and pick up some dwarf baby tears… and it completely fails. Now that poor hobbyist decides plants are too much trouble and totally not worth it!

I would like to avoid this scenario in the future by putting together a list of 10 relatively easy aquarium plants for beginners. I have picked out these plants because they are pretty forgiving with the amount of light they need, nutrient demands, and ease of planting and trimming. These plants definitely do not need any pressurized CO2 or any other bells and whistles.

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Planted Bowl – Part 2

It’s been about a month since the last update on my one gallon planted fishbowl jarrarium, and quite a bit has changed since then. I deliberately allowed a long stretch of time to pass, because sometimes it is hard to appreciate the changes that have taken place if taken in short increments.

The first, obvious change is all the plants! There’s so much life in there now. On top we have some salvinia and an occasional duckweed. Hanging in the middle are some wispy tufts of java moss. On the bottom we have dwarf hairgrass, rotala, and dwarf sagittaria. I even added a cutting from my pothos plant. I love the trailing roots hanging in the water. The sad little java fern cutting I added at the beginning is just starting to grow some new leaves. Continue reading “Planted Bowl – Part 2”